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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse
Hillary M. Clayton, Peter F. Flood, Diana S. Rosenstein
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Veterinære titler

This new volume is the first photographic atlas of equine anatomy to integrate illustrations of prepared specimens with correlative images of the same structures as visualised by each of the common...

Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse
Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson
Sideantal: 1095 Kategori: Veterinære titler

This book provides a comprehensive approach to lameness diagnosis, and focuses on the importance of clinical examinations and diagnostic analgesia. It allows for accurate diagnosis of equine lamene...

Equine Diagnostic and Surgical Laparoscopy
A. T. Fischer
Sideantal: 365/100 ill. Kategori: Veterinære titler

As use of laparoscopy by equine surgeons continues to expand and replace more invasive evaluation techniques, a definitive, detailed resource on laparoscopy is essential. "Equine Diagnostic and Sur...

Equine Locomotion
Sideantal: 400/387 ill. Kategori: Veterinære titler

This highly illustrated and comprehensive new book discusses all aspects of equine locomotion and gait analysis. Written by an international team of editors and contributors, with leading experts f...

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Equine Reproduction
Sideantal: 0 Kategori: Veterinære titler

Introducing an excellent text that provides a well-illustrated guide to techniques and treatments in horse reproduction. This generously illustrated manual delivers clear, concise guidance on t...

Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery
D.C. Knottenbelt, R.R. Pascoe, Michelle LeBlanc, Cheryl Lopate
Sideantal: 368/400 ill. Kategori: Veterinære titler

"Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery" is a practical, hands-on guide to all aspects of equine reproduction and breeding. Introductory chapters review the key aspects of stud farm design and equin...

Manual of Equine Dentistry
Tom Allen
Sideantal: 224 Kategori: Veterinære titler

This is a practical field guide to common dental procedures. Beginning with an important and unique chapter on the integration of dentistry into the veterinarian's practice, the "Manual of Equine D...

Manual of Equine Emergencies
James A. Orsini, Thomas J. Divers
Sideantal: 896 Kategori: Veterinære titler

Designed for ease of use in the clinical setting, this up-to-date resource provides all of the essential information needed on equine emergency medicine and surgery. Medical and surgical principles...

Manual of Equine Gastroenterology
Tim Mair, Thomas Divers, Norm Ducharme
Sideantal: 566/250 ill. Kategori: Veterinære titler

This book provides the equine expert and general veterinary practitioner with a complete review of the latest information on all aspects of equine gastroenterology. Edited by an international team ...

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