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The Kenilworth Press

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Advanced Techniques of Dressage
German National Equestrian
Sideantal: 120 Kategori: Dressur

Germany has won more championship medals in equestrian competitions than any other country in the world. Their success in so many disciplines, including dressage, must be largely due to their trai...

Balanced Riding
Pegotty Henriques
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Dressur

How many of us are aware of our position in the saddle, and the effect we are having on our horse? This book offers an appraisal of good horsemanship.

Correct Movement in Horses
Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich, Klaus Schoneich
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Dressur

Klaus Schoneich and Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich attribute ninety-five per cent of all problems in the sport or leisure horse's way of going to its natural, intrinsic crookedness, and to the fact that...

Homoeopathy for Horses
Tim Couzens
Sideantal: 475 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

Homeopathy's use with horses is well documented and it has achieved excellent results in countless cases. It can be a remarkable and effective system of medicine which is both safe and without side...

Real Riding
Perry Wood
Sideantal: 208 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

"Real Riding" offers different ways to approach traditional and natural principles of horsemanship. The emphasis throughout is on employing empathy and understanding and looking at things from the ...

The BHS Instructors' Manual for Teaching Riding
Islay Auty
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Dressur

Written for the BHS by a chief examiner, this handbook provides clear guidelines on how the skills of riding should be conducted. Aimed at qualified and trainee riding instructors, the manual prov...

The BHS Training Manual for Progressive Riding
Islay Auty
Sideantal: 112 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

Written for the BHS by a chief examiner and based on the latest syllabus, this training manual provides clear guidelines on the requirements of these examinations. It fully describes the level of p...

The Principles of Riding
Sideantal: 192 Kategori: Ridning

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