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Robert Hale Ltd

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A Guide to Herbs for Horses
Christopher Day, Keith Allison
Sideantal: 48 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

The use of herbs and other plant material in the horse's diet has grown in popularity, largely because of perceived inadequacies in modern compound-feeds, pastures and forage, but many horse feeds ...

Centered Riding
Sally Swift
Sideantal: 208 Kategori: Ridning

Sally Swift's "Centered Riding" is a classic equestrian text and has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Its publication 21 years ago caused a revolution in riding by demonstrating how good use of ...

Centred Riding 2
Sally Swift
Sideantal: 208 Kategori: Hesteforstand

Centred riding is a way of re-educating a rider's mind and body to achieve greater balance in order to better communicate with the horse. Founder Sally Swift revolutionized riding by showing that g...

Let Horses be Horses
Lesley Skipper
Sideantal: 208 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

Increasingly, people are looking at ways in which domestic life can be made more 'natural' for horses as well as ensuring that all their needs are met. At the same time there has been an immense gr...

Make Your Own Riding Clothes
Jean Perry
Sideantal: 103 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This book describes how to make patterns for, and how to sew, 21 items of riding clothing, from a simple stock, which needs very little sewing ability, to a side-saddle habit which requires tailori...

Ride Right with Daniel Stewart
Daniel Blair Stewart
Sideantal: 224 Kategori: Ridning

Riders are athletes in the truest sense of the word yet the majority of them fail to treat themselves as such. Most riders would never consider working a horse without first warming it up, but fail...

Riding a Dressage Test
Penny Hillsdon, David Trott
Sideantal: 24 Kategori: Dressur

Riding a Dressage Test demystifies the requirements for dressage competition at preliminary, novice and elementary levels. The international dressage judge, David Trott, explains in an easy-to-unde...

Riding Western
Jane Lake
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Western

"Riding Western" introduces the newcomer to the basics of Western riding, including the conversion of the 'English' horse and rider. Every aspect of this style of riding, the equipment, the clothin...

Teaching Riding
Josephine Knowles
Sideantal: 200 Kategori: Dressur

"Teaching Riding" encompasses 50 years of teaching experience by a Fellow of the British Horse Society. The author has taught riders of all ages and stages and this truly comprehensive guide is dis...

The Arabian Horse
Rosemary Archer
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Avl og Racer

The Arabian, one of the oldest pure breeds, was predominant in founding the thoroughbred, and there are few breeds today which do not contain Arab blood in varying degrees. An ever-increasing numbe...

Vi har ingen billede af bogen
The Young Equestrian
Caroline Davis
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Ridning

This is a progressive and comprehensive guide to learning to ride which helps to check progress at all stages, recharging flagging inspiration, settling nerves, allaying fears, and building confide...

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