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Cadmos Equestrian

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Athletic Horse
Horst Becker
Sideantal: 144 Kategori: Dressur

When problems occur during a horse's dressage training, all too often the question 'Why' is ignored. In this book, Horst Becker endeavours to find answers to this question. Whilst demonstrating way...

Bach Flower Remedies for Your Horse
Marion Brehmer
Sideantal: 112 Kategori: Veterinære titler

Bach Flower remedies can treat a wide variety of states of mind. Whether you are dealing with a change of stable or problems in breaking in a horse, difficulties at competitions or stress in the he...

Best Turned Out
Angelika Schmelzer
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

In this book, every horse owner will find step by step instructions to turn their ponies into genuine four-legged beauties, or to make lovely horses even lovelier--all thanks to the right grooming ...

Daniela Bolze, Andrea Holst
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Veterinære titler

Colic is a serious gastro-intestinal condition in horses and is one of the main reasons for calling out the vet. It is a disease that must not be taken lightly, as it often proves fatal. The condit...

Dictionary for Carriage Driving
Hans A. Krasensky
Sideantal: 229 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This comprehensive encyclopaedia encompasses the most important expressions of carriage driving sport in five key European languages English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Expertly selected,...

Dressage from Medium to Grand Prix
Michael Kunz
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Dressur

How do I perform a perfect renvers? How do I get my pirouette timing right? How do I prepare for a flying change? Any rider competing from Medium to Grand Prix level will have occasion to ask these...

Endurance Riding
Cornelia Koller
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

"Going the distance" endurance riding is not just a sport. It is almost an addictive experience, where the fastest do not always come first. This Horse Guide contains a wealth of basic knowledge fo...

First Aid
Daniela Bolze, Andrea Holst
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Veterinære titler

This book explains all the accidents and mishaps (some major, some less so) that can afflict horses; how to assess what has happened and how to deal with the crisis while you are waiting for the ve...

First Aid
Anke Ruesbueldt
Sideantal: 96 Kategori: Veterinære titler

Provides handy tips on what to do in an emergency and how you can best make use of the time while waiting for the vet. Covers: how to avoid emergencies and first aid; bandaging; wounds; fractures; ...

First Steps in Dressage
Anne-Katrin Hagen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Dressur

Dressage involves drawing out the natural capability of the horse and shaping it into something beautiful and expressive. The horse must learn how to balance under the rider and move in elegant sel...

Free Jumping - a Practical Handbook
Claudia Goetz
Sideantal: 96 Kategori: Springning

Most horses benefit from free jumping--it encourages freedom of movement, increases muscular strength, and improves coordination and jumping technique. Using this practical book containing many hel...

Gentle Horse Training
Theis Bottcher
Sideantal: 144 Kategori: Hesteforstand

The rider is the horse's trainer.A" Adopting this underlying principle to his training, Thies Bottcher shows how to develop your horse's abilities and advance his training, using simple but effecti...

Hacking Out Safely
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

Everything you need to know when hacking out! When hacking out, horse and rider may be exposed to numerous sources of danger, such as traffic, poor equipment, and the horse itself. Accidents are an...

Horse Anatomy
Anke Ruesbueldt
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This guide explains the most important facts about anatomy in an easy and understandable way and helps the horse owners to communicate with their veterinary surgeons. This is a user-friendly handbo...

Horse Sense and Horsemanship
Linda Weritz
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Hesteforstand

The relationship between horse owners, riders and their horses can be a wonderful and very close experience. Most riders will encounter problems from time to time, which they attempt to correct, no...

Horse Talk
Angelika Schmelzer
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Hesteforstand

Voice, facial expression and body language: these are how horses communicate with each other and with us. These ways are deeply rooted in their natural way of life as herd animals. We would underst...

How to Keep Your Horse Calm and Relaxed
Renate Ettl
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Hesteforstand

For riders who want to handle horses safely and for a rider to be as safe as possible and to avoid accidents, a horse must be obedient and respect discipline. This book is not only a guide for safe...

Improving Performance
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Hesteforstand

Some horses drive their riders to distraction by simply not moving under the saddle, and nothing the rider does seems to stimulate them. This book discusses the possible causes for a lack of motiva...

Insect Protection for Horses
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

For horses, the joy of summer can be overshadowed by the huge amount of insects which plague them, especially for horses left out in the paddock. Riding can become a torture when your horse is cons...

Lateral Work
Johannes Beck-Broichsitter
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Dressur

This title covers all facets of lateral work as a foundation for a classical training programme. Lateral work is an essential part of any training programme leading to a supple horse. This book off...

Long Reining
Alfons Dietz, Daniela Bolze
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

Long reining, or lungeing, might be thought of as a means of training a horse at a safe distance, from the ground. The horse is controlled by means of extended double reins and is made to circle it...

Mud Fever
Anke Ruesbueldt
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

Mud fever is a serious and debilitating affliction to which horses are prone when they are pastured on ground that is poorly drained or excessively soft under foot. These conditions are quite commo...

Rider's Aids
Anne-Katrin Hagen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Dressur

The rider's aids are the be-all and end-all of riding. Without them, no understanding or communication with the horse is possible. The aids must be conveyed to the horse both clearly and distinctly...

Schooling as You Hack
Daniela Bolze
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Dressur

It is not always possible to school your horse in an indoor school or an outdoor arena. However, it is not always necessary to have access to either as the author Daniela Bolze shows. She tells the...

Skin Diseases of the Horse
Anke Rusbuldt
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Veterinære titler

This is an essential and comprehensive guide to all major skin conditions. Healing skin diseases can not only be a difficult and tricky undertaking, if treated late or incorrectly, these problems c...

Starting Out in Eventing
Hans-Peter Scheunemann
Sideantal: 144 Kategori: Terrænridning

More and more riders are drawn into eventing by the excitement of galloping over solid fences on a grass track. Written by an experienced trainer, judge, and course designer, this book describes al...

The Art of Classical Horsemanship
Egon Von Neindorff
Sideantal: 272 Kategori: Ridning

Egon von Neindorff dedicated his life to the knowledge and promotion of the classical art of riding. He never wanted to be a reformist but purely an interpreter. He truly understood the philosophy ...

The Great European Schools of Classical Dressage
Henry Guillaume, Alain Lauriox
Sideantal: 207 Kategori: Dressur

This title features breathtaking photography and fascinating history combined in one book - a must for all equestrian enthusiasts. For the best part of 400 years, four illustrious riding schools ha...

The Structured Schooling of Horses
Anne-Katrin Hagen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Dressur

This book sets out a scheme of basic training for horse and rider: the author (who is a professional dressage instructor) offers essential information on schooling the horse, introducing it to new ...

The Thinking Rider
Dr. Robert Schinke
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

"To think that the rise and fall of athlete performance on a given day can be explained by random luck or fate is a mistake." - Robert Schinke. Most equestrians wish to improve their mental game. W...

Training the Horse in Hand
Alfons Dietz
Sideantal: 176 Kategori: Dressur

The origins of modern dressage lie in the Classical style of riding as practised at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna; this book goes back to those roots, showing how horses can be trained in han...

Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage
Philippe Karl
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Dressur

In this book, Philippe Karl, one of the most outspoken critics of the modern dressage world, reveals some disturbing facts about the physical, anatomical and mental effects through official dressag...

Western Riding
Renate Ettl
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Western

Western riding (in the "cowboy" tradition) is free, relaxed and in harmony with the horse: the dream of many riders. This Horse Guide explains everything you need to know about this popular style o...

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