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Skin Diseases of the Horse
Forfatter: Anke Rusbuldt
Kategori: Veterinære titler
Sideantal: 80
Sprog: English
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: Cadmos Equestrian
Udgivet: 15/03/2010
ISBN: 9783861279785

Forlagets beskrivelse:

This is an essential and comprehensive guide to all major skin conditions. Healing skin diseases can not only be a difficult and tricky undertaking, if treated late or incorrectly, these problems can become life threatening. This book introduces the reader first of all to the functions of skin, and then explains in detail the most common skin diseases, from fungal infections and equine sarcoids to eczema and wounds to the skin. This book takes a practical approach to all problems surrounding skin diseases, from causes to symptoms and treatments, and will be an important addition to every horse owner's library.

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