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The BHS Training Manual for Progressive Riding
Forfatter: Islay Auty
Kategori: Almene fagbøger
Sideantal: 112
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: The Kenilworth Press
Udgivet: 30/08/2003
ISBN: 9781872119571

Forlagets beskrivelse:

Written for the BHS by a chief examiner and based on the latest syllabus, this training manual provides clear guidelines on the requirements of these examinations. It fully describes the level of practical and theoretical knowledge required for each exam and how candidates should train to ensure competence in the practical and theoretical sections of the Stage 1 exam and the progressive Riding Tests. Successful exam technique is also discussed - what to wear, how to present yourself and how to deal with problems encountered on the day. Exam procedure for Stage 1 and the Progressive Riding Tests is included along with advice on what the examiners are looking for. The author, a coach, dressage judge and competitor, offers advice based on over 20 years experience of training career students and competition partnerships and teaches both in the UK and overseas.

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