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Dressage from Medium to Grand Prix
Forfatter: Michael Kunz
Kategori: Dressur
Sideantal: 160
Binding: Hardback
Forlag: Cadmos Equestrian
Udgivet: 20/11/2006
ISBN: 9783861279242

Forlagets beskrivelse:

How do I perform a perfect renvers? How do I get my pirouette timing right? How do I prepare for a flying change? Any rider competing from Medium to Grand Prix level will have occasion to ask these questions, often without being able to find the answer. This book is dedicated to the answers to those questions and many more and describes clearly and in detail how to carry out these important movements correctly, typical problems and their effective solutions. It also explains the theoretical background to schooling and clarifies the function of dressage exercises in the sense of classical dressage.

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