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Sara Wyche

The Horse's Muscles in Motion
Sara Wyche
Sideantal: 128 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This title aims to show how the horse's muscles work and explains how this knowledge can be put to good use in riding, whether in competition or for recreation. Using her own careful anatomical dra...

Understanding the Horse's Back
Sara Wyche
Sideantal: 160/100 ill. Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This is a unique guide to understanding the horse's back--how it works, what can go wrong and why, how to recognize problems, and how to prevent them, making it an essential handbook for all owners...

Understanding the Horse's Legs
Sara Wyche
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

In this follow-up to her "Understanding the Horse's Back", the author turns her attention to the legs. Although often taken for granted, it is self-evident that healthy, strong legs are essential f...

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