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Riding in Harmony
Forfatter: Phil Bennett
Kategori: Dressur
Sideantal: 160
Sprog: English
Binding: Hardback
Forlag: The Crowood Press Ltd
Udgivet: 23/05/2005
ISBN: 9781861267450

Forlagets beskrivelse:

All horses can be improved by correct riding and anyone can learn to ride in a harmonious, balanced and effective way. Aimed at the novice through to the advanced rider, Riding in Harmony, explains how and covers the principles of classical riding which result in better riders and happier horses. Topics covered include: The mechanics of the classic position: hot to move in harmony with the horse The correct application of the aids and their effect on the horse The outline and correct carriage of the horse Putting the horse on the aids, bending and lateral suppleness, and two-tract lateral exercises Requirements and advice for different levels of competitions.

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