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The Last of the Wild Horses
Forfatter: Martin Harbury
Kategori: Avl og Racer
Sideantal: 208
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: Firefly Books Ltd
Udgivet: 01/09/2005
ISBN: 9781554070145

Forlagets beskrivelse:

Years ago, wild horse ran free throughout the world, but as human society expanded, the wilderness has shrunk and the wild horses have begun to disappear. This book is a pictorial tribute to the spirit and beauty of wild horses, and the hills, fields and plains that they roam. The author covers a wide variety of breeds in regions around the world: Ponies of the British Isles; Tarpans of Poland; Przewalskes of Asia; White horses and the Camargue; Horses of Sable Island; Australian Brumbies; and American Mustangs. Each breed's characteristics, behaviour and living conditions are explained as well as the vigilant protection of the habitats they require for survival. Martin Harbury is an award-winning film maker whose research for this book took him on extensive travels around the world. This book contains Foreword by Richard Adams (of Watership Down fame) and it features 200 colour photographs by National Geographic nature photographer Ron Watts.

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