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Trail Riding
Forfatter: Rhonda Hart Poe
Kategori: Ridning
Sideantal: 320
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: Storey Books
Udgivet: 29/07/2005
ISBN: 9781580175609

Forlagets beskrivelse:

Hitting the open trail on horseback is the ultimate dream vacation for many people. And, for the vast majority of established riders who do not compete or show horses, trail riding brings the greatest pleasure, whether on a three-mile loop around an open field or a twenty-mile trek up a rugged mountainside. A dependable, well-trained horse is the key to a fulfilling trail experience. In TRAIL RIDING, author Rhonda Hart Poe offers fundamental instruction and detailed advice on every aspect of preparing for and executing a pleasurable trail ride. This begins with selecting the most appropriate horse to match the needs of the rider and the trail conditions. Other key issues covered include training, conditioning, and trailering the horse, as well as selecting tack and gear with an eye on safety. No other book on this topic delves into such depth on how to prepare for and handle different types of terrain and potential obstacles and tricky situations, such as turning around on a narrow trail, stepping over fallen logs, side passing, moving to one side of the trail, and dealing with unpredictable distractions. Whether a rider is interested in a quiet, after- noon ride or a five-day backwoods endurance event, TRAIL RIDING is essential reading. Promoting the whole adventure, from start to finish, Poe also includes amazing trail stories and photos from riders.

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