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Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses
Forfatter: Kathy Swan
Pat Parelli
Kategori: Hesteforstand
Sideantal: 208
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: Western Horseman
Udgivet: 01/03/2006
ISBN: 9780911647754

Forlagets beskrivelse:

The official autobiography of Pat Parelli, one of the most renowned horsemen in the world. Pat describes the early experiences that shaped his life and reverently talks about the mentors who have influenced his thinking and helped him become a horseman. He details the struggles he's had to overcome on the long road to success, and explains how he created an unparalleled program to help other people accomplish their goals with horses. Along the way, he fondly portrays the special horses who've helped him grow into the extraordinary horseman he has become. Also, readers get a glimpse into the future with Pat's vision of where he thinks horsemanship is headed. Pat is famous for his riveting way of making a point through the moral of a story. This book contains hundreds of his stories, from his earliest remembrances to the fabulous experiences and opportunities he has enjoyed in the last decade. As a bonus filtered throughout the chapters, readers are treated to People's Perspectives on Pat - anecdotes in which Pat's many friends, all well known and respected in their fields, tell stories about him. Having been able to break through the discipline barrier, Pat has touched every aspect of the horse world - English, western, racing, all breeds and activities. It's been his passion to share his hard-learned knowledge with everyone who seeks excellence with horses. His dream and life's work unfold on the pages of this book. He is internationally known and respected as a horseman and clinician.

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