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Thelwell's Riding Academy
Forfatter: Thelwell
Kategori: Ridning
Sideantal: 128
Binding: Hardback
Forlag: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Udgivet: 13/10/2005
ISBN: 9780413775412

Forlagets beskrivelse:

Reissue of classic title by the great British cartoonist From the first publication of RIDING ACADEMY in 1963, the Thelwell pony entered the language - and the libraries of children and horse-lovers the world over. This beautiful hardback gift edition contains Thelwell's invaluable advice to aspiring equestrians on how to get into the saddle and stay there; each item illustrated with inimitable and deadly clarity. Reissue of classic cartoon title from a national treasure. Thelwell's cartoons are still selling strongly Since their debut appearance in Punch over forty years ago, Norman Thelwell's cartoons and drawings have delighted millions of people all over the world. His portrayals of sporting pursuits, human beings at play, the life of the countryside and, of course, ponies, are the products of a unique comic genius. To celebrate the life of this best-loved British cartoonist, Methuen is re-publishing a number of classic Thelwell titles, including his invaluable advice to aspiring equestrians in Angels on Horseback, and A Leg at Each Corner. Norman Thelwell died in February 2004.

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