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Trail Riding
Forfatter: Audrey Pavia
Kategori: Almene fagbøger
Sideantal: 240
Binding: Paperback
Forlag: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Udgivet: 10/08/2005
ISBN: 9780764579134
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Forlagets beskrivelse:

Experience the sheer joy of being one with your horse and one with nature. When you're riding the trails with your horse, you enjoy a refreshing feeling of freedom, the exhilaration of exploration, and an invigorating escape from the demands of the day. You're in control - as long as you can control the 1,000-pound creature you're riding."Trail Riding: A Complete Guide" takes you from the basics to more advanced trail riding skills with information on: how to choose a horse, including basics on conformation; finding the best trail-riding lessons, tack, and equipment; feeding, care, grooming, health care, and stable management; conditioning - for the horse and yourself; trailering to trails; advanced trail riding, including information on camping with your horse, how competitive trail riding is judged, and racing on the trail; and, tips on how to find the best trails, both locally and around the country. This book helps you develop the knowledge and skills that will give you a leg up every time you climb in the saddle. You and your horse will become the perfect pair for relaxing yet energizing adventures off the beaten path.

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