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Birgit van Damsen

Hacking Out Safely
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

Everything you need to know when hacking out! When hacking out, horse and rider may be exposed to numerous sources of danger, such as traffic, poor equipment, and the horse itself. Accidents are an...

Improving Performance
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 80 Kategori: Hesteforstand

Some horses drive their riders to distraction by simply not moving under the saddle, and nothing the rider does seems to stimulate them. This book discusses the possible causes for a lack of motiva...

Insect Protection for Horses
Birgit van Damsen
Sideantal: 32 Kategori: Røgt og Pleje

For horses, the joy of summer can be overshadowed by the huge amount of insects which plague them, especially for horses left out in the paddock. Riding can become a torture when your horse is cons...

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