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Susan McBane

100 Ways to Improve Your Riding
Susan McBane
Sideantal: 151 Kategori: Almene fagbøger

This book has been written for every horse rider who strives to improve his or her riding. It is filled with illustrations of common riding faults; alongside each fault is a clear explanation of wh...

Fitness in the Horse
Susan McBane
Sideantal: 144/90 ill. Kategori: Almene fagbøger

A horse's physical fitness and condition are central to his ability to perform well and to fulfil the considerable demands that are frequently made of him. But while this is most apparent at the hi...

Revolutionize Your Riding
Susan McBane
Sideantal: 160 Kategori: Dressur

Learn how to ride with the ease and grace of a professional with this brilliant system of riding. This title includes a simple explanation of bio-mechanics will allow any rider to move as one with ...

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